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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von: MRS. JESSICA A. SAVIMBI [mailto:fa_ak_sav@popmail.com]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 24. April 2003 11:35

No. 22, Alexander Avenue,
Ikoyi Lagos

Dear  Sir,

I am MRS  JESSICA  A.  SAVIMBI, from Angola.l got your
contact and profle through www.fibre2fashion.com
There is an imformation I would like you to keep very
confidential.There is sum ammount of money my late Husband UNITA Rebel
leader Jonas Malheiro.Savimbi deposited with a Security company but
registered as personal artefect (Jewelries) to avoid suspision for safe
keeping before he was killed by Angolan Millitary forces.

My late husband married  four wives.I am the second wife.I will not be
able to give you the full details that led to that urgly incidents.
Presently I am staying in Lagos, Nigeria just to save my life,
with my three children. The money in question, is Fifteen
million united state dollars (15,000,000.00Milllion) U.S.Dollars.

What I would want you to do, is to assits me to take delivery of the
consignement from the security company so that it cannot be traced to me
or any of the Savimbi family and then transfered same into your country
for investment prior to your advise , and we shall open a
small account in a Bank on your name.
You will have 30% of the total sum for your assistance as
commission.There is no risk in this transaction. I will use the remain
balance of the money for an investiment in your country for the future
of my children.

If you are intrested, and can maintain the very confidentiality of this
transaction,you e-mail me immediately for more clearification,and also
note that I am a refugees in Nigeria becuase of the killing of my
husband,and the civil war going on in our country (Angola).

I can speak little English, and my son also speaks
English very well.

Thank you very much and please send your reply to my email address :
je_ak_sav@yahoo.com and I shall respond to you appropriately.


Mrs Jessica  A.  Savimbi.