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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Subject:        	URGENT/PLS READ
From:           	"MOHAMMED J ABACHA"
Date sent:      	Thu, 17 Apr 2003 05:00

Dear Friend,

How are you today, hope you are fine as it should be. Before I commence on
this business proposal, I want to start by introducing my self to you. As a
matter of fact, I am MOHAMMED JIM SANI ABACHA. The eldest son of the late
millitary government(president) of Nigeria, that died in office in 1998.
Since my father's death, all my property money was siezed by the elected
civilian governmentlead by, Olusegu Obasanjo. whom arrested and damage my
name and also instructing me to release all the funds that was deposited in
my personal account by my late father. Moreover, as Allah will have it, before
the arrest, I was able to send out the sum of us$23m9twenty three milloin
US dollas0 into secuirity company. But, the security company does not know
that what I I am securing is funds. Because, I told them That, it was a
confidencial documents. Few days ago, I was released by bail but under watch
by the government. Because they still want me to hand over the funds to them.
Hence, it was in this regards that, that I decided to seek for a honest and a
sincere partner overseasthat will claim ownership of the funds from the
security company.
Although, I told the officers of the security company that it was a
confidencial documents and deplomatic books that was in the vault because of
my sitruation in the country, but I am telling you that I MOHAMMED kept the
sum of US$23m with the security company over seas. Hense, all I needed from
you now is your maximumco- operation and trust if you are interested to
assist me. You might be suprised on how I got your email address, while I
was looking for an old friend of mine in asia whom I did business with few
years back, but I lust contact with him when I was arrested, that I run into
your email address so somthingdirected me to contact you may be you might be
of assistance to me and I know it is the Lords doing. Likewiely, I must
assure you that this business is risk free but very confidencial because of
my position with the government. And by your absolute trust and sincerity
with me, this transaction(business) will not last more than21 working days.
As a result of your assistance if you are willing, 25% of the total sum will
be for you, while 15% will be for any miselleneous expences that will arise
during the period of this transaction. Then, the rest shall be for me and my
family. With part of it, I will invest you in your country. Just indicate
your interest, and I will funish you with all needed information that is
required for the success of this transaction. Hoping to hear from you as
soon as possible. Regards. MOHAMMED J. ABACHA. NB: I must tell you this
because, I want to be sincere with . There is scam in Nigeria so don't be
suprise if you receive letter offering you money, but it not their fault it
the fault of the government. Do you know that Nigeria is one of the richest
contry in Africa, but our government is not helping things. Athough, some of
this letters you might receive are true but it takes the grace of Allah for
you to know the real business. I give you my word be sincere with me and let
us execute this as fast as possible. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.