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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von: camara fatou [mailto:caft3@hotmail.com]
Gesendet am: Mittwoch, 29. November 2000 12:45
Betreff: urgent response

Dear Sir,

All thanks to the Almighty God for an opportunity like this at least. This
will come as a big surprise to you but please bear it with me, as it is the
best alternative I have in my present situation and I believe that the
Almighty God in his infinite mercies will give you the love and guidance to
help me.

My name is Col. Camara Fatou (Rtd) a native of Kissy province in the North
Western part of Sierra Leone. Presently, I am hiding in a small town of
Conakry the capital of Guinea and I need help urgently. Until about one and
a half years ago, I was 3rd in command of the leading rebel
group(Revolutionary United Front) R.U.F. in the Sierra Leone War that was
ended and restarted again by Foday Sankoh and his rebels for their own
devilish reasons.

On the 3/3/99, I was forced to defect from RUF, to a rival but more
organized rebel faction due to certain atrocities committed by R.u.f
Soldiers that were against my principles. Unnecessary killings, looting
arson and rape were the order of the day and a complete deviation from our
primary motive to unseat the government.

My defection from R.U.F did not go down well with Foday Sankoh, the leader,
apart from leaking out their secrets to the rival faction, I was in
possession of R.U.F funds running into millions of United States Dollars
realized from illegal sales of Sierra-Leone diamond and gold and
contributions from our sponsors all meant for purchase of more arms of
destruction and for the welfare of the R.U.F mad gang, when Foday Sankoh
could not lay his hands on me, he resulted to hunting and killing my
relative, friends and in-laws and declared me wanted dead or alive. Now I am

a fugitive since Foday Sankoh was made the Vice President of the interim
govt. of sierra Leone a position he was not satisfied with as a result of
his devilish ambition hence the present upheaval in Sierra-Leone and his
present predicament.

On the 31st of March 1999, I package all the remaining funds in my
possession in two crates disguised with artifacts and with the assistance of

my cousin JERRY FATOU, then a senior staff of the Sierra-Leone foreign
affairs department who was murdered by Sankoh's men in June 99, the crates
were ferried under diplomatic cover to one of the European countries on the
4/4/99. My cousin deposited the crates with a security company as artifacts.

  Neither himself or the security company staff knew the real contents with
an instruction that the crates can only be released to me on proper
identification or my wife Mrs. Victoria Fatou whom I have lost contact with
since May 99 and do not know if she is still alive or my son Barry Fatou who
died of typhoid fever 6 Month ago or any other representative of
Col. Camara Fatou who produces a hand written authority letter from me with
my left thumb impression affixed and photocopy of 1st 3 pages of my
Sierra-Leone passport attached and a copy of the deposit

With my wife/son gone and my Sierra-Leone passport missing, I am in a very
difficult situation. The last time I made a contact with the security
company was in May 99, between 16th-18th, to confirm the deposit and the
safety and this was the last time I had an access to a telephone with an
international direct dial facility (IDD) it took me complete 5 Month to
travel via the bush and mostly at night and to my present abode and just
manage to secure a telephone line 7 days ago even though without (IDD) but
at least it has facilitated this contact. My story is rather too long and
space will not permit any further narration, hence I will suggest you
contact me via my telephone No (224) 40-28-08 or E-mail: (caft3@hotmail.com)

for further details.

But I assure you that this fund is enough to take care of both of us if
properly managed. I therefore appeal to you in the name of God to go ahead
and secure this funds first and we will discuss what you do with it later.
For security reasons, I shall for now withhold further information. I shall
completely open up to you as soon I am sure that you are ready to assist me.
I count on your prompt response.

Sincerely yours,
Col. Camara Fatou (Rtd)