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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date sent:      	Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:51:27 +0200 (CEST)
From:           	doza joel 
Subject:        	Pleading For Assistance

RUE 10 ilot 55 lot 80
Williamsville Adjamé

May lord Jesus beless you and your family as you try
your possible best to help us out this problem we are
into now.
I have full confidence that you can handle this
transaction to our mutual benefit and I belive that
you will not let down the trust and  confifidence I am
about to repose on you. My name is madam Agatha s.
Rogers I am a window to Sir Solomon Rogers the
secertry general to revelotary united front (R.U.F) of
serre-lone who died in government detention on friday
20/07/2001, may his soul rest in perfect peace amen.
I made every attempt with my son who is a major in the
Rebel army.wheather the government will release his
cospse but they never did.
 On monday being 23/07/2001 he was buried in the mass
grave in free-town by the government and I was not
allowe to withness his funeral rites.
However since his death I have been receving threats
by the pro-government bese on this I than told my
children that we must do every humanly possible to
make sure that we are out of serra-lone our country
When my hansband was alive he is general overseer and
control the mining of gold and diamond, and there was
huge amount of money entrust on him by his gange
(R.U.F). I search his bedroom with my son and
discovered that my husband had under ground volt. We
decided to break the volt and saw two trunk boxes
containing 25 million united states dollars (twenty
five million U.S dollar only) and little quantity of
diamond and gold. Right now his gang the  R.U.F were
asking us of this money. We than flewed to Abidjan
Cote d’Ivoire with the two trunk boxes that contains
the money, gold and diamond. On our arrival here
Abidjan for the safety of the contents of this boxes I
went with my son to deposited them at the finance
manegement house pending when I will see a God freaing
person who will assist us to tranfer this money to his
conutry for immediate investment.
I will reward you with 25% of the total sum for your
assitance. Please if you are interested in this
trasanction call my son immediately on our direct
telephon number with out further delay 0022507-88-48-38.
Thank you in anticipation as your immediate response
will be highly appreciate Remine bless in Jesus name
Your turly
Madam AGATHA.S. Rogers
C/o Mr promise.S. Rogers Junr. (my beloved son).