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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von:    mohammed aziz 
Datum:  04.05.2003 22:55
Thema:  cooperation

After careful consideration and deliberations, I am
compelled to contact you for an urgent business
relationship that boarders on trust and
confidentiality. However, before I proceed may I crave
your indulgence to introduce myself formally to you. I
am Mohammed Aziz, son of the captured Iraqi Deputy
Prime Minister, Tareq Aziz, the only Christian in the
regime of Saddam, and one of the key members of the
defunct regime.
Prior before my father surrendered himself to the
coalition forces led by the United States of America,
he has perfected plans with private security companies
in Holland and Malaysia to keep some of the funds he
benefited from the regime. Knowing fully well that
American ultimatum to Saddam to vacate the sit and
leave the country on exile was no fluke; he quickly
and quietly deposited his share of the funds with
these two private security companies for safe keeping.
Meanwhile, I am privy to the whole arrangement as the
eldest son of Tareq Aziz, he handed over the whole
documents relating to the deposits, with his full
mandate authorizing the security companies to deal
directly with me as his fate is hanging in the
balance, due to American interest to try all those key
officials that served under Saddam's regime.
In view of the current development in Iraq now, I
solicit your participation and cooperation for us to
jointly pull this transaction through. I am seriously
in dare need of a trustworthy and reliable partner who
can team up with me to pick up the funds from the
security company on my behalf as I want to operate
under cover for now for obvious reasons until the
security situation improves in Iraq. Presently I do
not have any telephone and I don't intent to have one
till further notice. Our means of communication should
be strictly by e-mail. The total fund currently
deposited with the security company is ($30 million)
Thirty Million United States Dollars only. Your role
is to present your self as the owner, I will give
instruction backed with original documents including
certificate of deposit, to the security companies
transferring temporal ownership to you.
My father instructed that I should preserve 20% for
you while 75% for our side, 5% for contingencies.
Similarly, we have resolved to invest our 75% share on
joint partnership with you on any profitable and
viable venture out side Iraq, this means you will
suggest what we can invest on collectively.
In view of the above therefore, you will agree with me
that this proposal needs absolute confidentiality and
total secrecy. Should this proposal interest you,
kindly contact me on my fax number +31-619-714-412  to
enable us discuss the way forward.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Mohammed Aziz