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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

From: "komo hamid" 
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 3:46 PM


   TEL: [27- 834-266-244]



 For succinct introduction, I am Major IKOMO HAMID
former chief defences adviser to the democratic
Republic of Congo (DRC). I served the President on
defence and my position created to me an unforgettable
opportunity which I have to inform you about. As it
stands now, I am in possession of a sum of money
US$12.5M. (Twelve Million five hundred thousand United
States Dollars), which I wish to transfer out of this
country South Africa where I am staying temporarily as
a refugee. If you are conversant with public affairs,
Democratic Republic of Congo is going through
terrible strife/civil war which have given the present
government an unstable condition. This had led to the
recent assassination of the president Laurent Kabila
of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on the 16th
of January 2001. Before the sudden death of president
Laurent Kabila by one of the Chief Army Officer on the
16th January 2001, I was mandated as head of
adelegation to purchase arms and ammunition in South
Africa. I had already finished negotiations before I
learnt of the assassination of the President LAURENT
Kabila of D.R.C I immediately stop all the
negotiations on arms purchase and deposited this money
into a Security Company here in South Africa without
the knowledge that the content of the consignment
deposited with them contains cash.

After I have succeeded in depositing this money in
asecurity company, I went to the South African Home
Affairs to seek for Asylum paper which they granted me
a refugee paper that permits me a temporary stay here
in South Africa. I  did this because I didn't want to
go back to my country due to the fact that I will be
ask to send the money back to the new government.I
have asked my family to prepare their traveling
documents and come down here in South Africa till we
can get a good man of God who can help us to invest
and open a non-resident bank account. This is the most
important reason I am soliciting for your assistance
for us to co-operate and work out a means of moving
this money out of South Africa.

Presently the existence of this money is unknown to
anybody and is backed up by a certificate of clean and
cleared fund issued by the government of the
democratic Republic  of Congo (DRC) absolving the
money from drugs or money laundering activities.

Revert only by phone, fax or e-mail with the above
private numbers indicating your willingness to assist
in this transaction which is 100% risk free. I count
on your sense of confidentiality, as I am ready to
offer you 25% of the total sum and leave 10% to offset
expenses. Please remember to keep this business secret
even if you are not interested endeavor not to
disclose it to anybody for the sake of my life.

   Best regards

   [TEL  27-834-266-244]