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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

From: "sankoh ahmed" 
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2001 11:10 PM




I got your contact through a lady that works with
chamber of commerce here in lome - togo. I thought I
should contact you for a fruitfull business
relationship. I am SANKOH AHMED, the son of C J
SANKOH the former deputy minister of finance under
the executive civilian president of SEIRRA - LEONNE,
Ahmed Tejan Kabbah.
As at when the military Junta led by major Paul
Koromah struck and overthew the government of SEIRRA -
LEONE, the president was forced to run into exil in
CONAKRY GUINEA while some of his closest aids left to
other countries.
When the coup took place many top government officals
were assassinated including my father who was unlucky
not to have escaped with the president. In the course
of this confusion, I went into my father's underground
safe and saw two trunk boxes containing the s of
thirty-million united states DOLLARS (30 Millions
I now decided with the assitance of my mother to move
this money to my mother's village in the country side
for safe keeping while the war was going on.
Right now the United Nation (U.N.) and Rev. Jessy
Jackson of America with organisation of African Unity
(O.A.U) heads of state has initiated a peace move in
the country between the president and the rebel
leader. With this peace talk going on, it gave me the
opportunity to smuggle the trunk boxes through a
fishing boat to a more safer place in Lome - TOGO in
west Africa. On my arrival in Togo I deposited the
boxes with a security company as family treasures and
jewlleries of which the security company does not know
the real content of the trunk boxes. I did it for
security purposes.
Now what I want you to do for me is to help me wire
this money to your country or you come down to LOME  -
TOGO to see this money yourself and we talk about it.
For all this your assistance you are entitled to 30
percent of the total amount. I am expecting to hear
from you as soon as possible.

Best regards,