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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von:      eliane reine dallé yecké
Datum:    Montag, 17. September 2001 15:12:21
Betreff:  Humble Request For Assistance

06 B.P.2517 Abidjan 06
TEL :(00225)07-65-99-69

Dear Sir,

I come with your high personality to seek a grant to be able to continue my
studies. I am a young Congolese ( RDC) of 17 years, who, further to the war
arisen in my country, lost any track of my relatives. Today, I am taken
refuge in Côte d'Ivoire ( West Africa) where I pass of very difficult moment

to survive. I wish to continue my studies in an International School called
International ( IATA) association Air transport , I turn to you to bring me
a help for the fulfillment of this task. Having no financial resource to
allow me to pay this school which amounts to 2000 $ USD the year, I ask you
to help me according to the possibility of your means because my school
re-opening is foreseen by October 10, 2001. I do not know why I turn
specially to you but it is only my heart which drives me.
I wish that the Lord blesses you as well as all your family. Only he can
return him to you in increase a hundredfold. Please, help me; please, help
me according to the possibility of your means. Please, be blessed in the
powerful name of Jesus.
Answer me please.
thank you,
God bless