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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von:       Muyiwa Ige [mailto:muyiwai@go.com]
Gesendet:  Dienstag, 29. April 2003 15:36
An:        muyiwai@go.com
Betreff:   Please understand.

Dear ********,

First, I must solicit for your confidence in this transaction; this is by
virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential.Though I know that a
transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried,
but i am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day.
I have decided to contact you due to the urgency of this transaction, let
me start by introducing myself properly to you.Let me start by first
introducing myself properly to you. I am Muyiwa  Ige, the son of late Chief
Bola Ige who was the Minsiter for Justice and the Attorney General of the
Federal Republic of Nigeria who was assasinated on the 23rd December 2001
by unknown gunmen as a result of political descrepancy.

The death of my father has made every family member to be in perpetual fear,
for there is no security of life again in Nigeria if a whole Minister of
Justice and Attorney of  the Federation could be killed  casually. This
incident could be seen in this web site:

While my mum and i was still trying to bring the people responsible for my
father's death to book,she(my mum)also died.She died on the 10th of this
month and will be burried on May 2nd.Her death according to the doctor was
as a result of heart attack.

Before my father's appointment as the Minister of Justice of the Federation
he was the Minister of Power and Steel. During his tenure, as the Minster
of Power and Steel, he awarded a contract to the tune of $108.5M for the
supply of Electric Transformers to 36 Rural Communities in Osun State.

After the completion and commissioning of the contract, the contractor, out
of his free will, gave him a reasonable amount as sign of appreciation.
Besides,this contract project was over invoiced with huge amount.At the end
of the day,he realized the sum of eleven million,three hundred thousand
united states dollars(11.3musd) As a civil servant, obeying the code of
conduct for civil servants in Nigeria he deposited this money in a Security
Company as Photographic Materials/Family Valuable, to secure himself and his
office from the eyebrows of government security operatives. Meanwhile, the
code of conduct for civil servants in Nigeria restrict every civil servant
be it Federal, State and Local to operate Foreign Account.

All their local accounts here are secrutnized by the civil service commission
(CSC) to check govenrmental fraudulent activites and looting.My late father,
Chief Bola Ige, deposited this money in a Security Company abroad. The Deposit
documents are  with me now .This money, I would like  you assist my family and
i with the clearance/securing consignment pending my  arrival in your country
after my mum's burial.

After the smooth conclusion to this transaction, you will keep 15% of the
total sum for your humble assistance, 5% will be for taxation to reimburse
you of any expenses,including your phone bills or travelling expenses and
80% will be preserved for the family for the Joint Investment of mutual
benefit which we will embark on.

If this request of mine is accepted by you and you wish to take advantage of
the trust I have bestowed on you kindly get back to me immediately furnishing
me with your most confidential Telephone and Fax numbers for easy communication.
You can reach me back through the above e-mail address or its alternative
Please note that your positve or negative response will be more appreciated to
enable me and the entire family know the way forward.

Expecting a quick response from you.

My best regards.

Muyiwa Ige.