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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date sent:      Sun, 27 Apr 2003
From:           Bagudu Abubakar 

Dear Friend,


Top of the day unto you. While this letter may come as an outright surprise
from someone to be called a stranger, at least for now, I must make haste to
assert  that there is a first time for everything even human contacts.

I am Alhaji Abubakar Atiku Bagudu, Nigeriaís Minister for Solid Mineral under
the Late General Sanni Abacha, a former military Head of State in Nigeria. I
am sure I do not need further introduction  since the family status  is a
common talk of the globe. I am soliciting your apt assistance to us in this
transaction for which we are prepared to reciprocate by giving you immense and
very generous gratification. The Late General was a very good boss to me and I
swore to him in his life time that I would never turn my back on his family,
hence my determination to lead them along until we achieve final and lasting

Ever since the death of my boss on June 8th 1998 it has not been quite easy as
we have been plunged into one trauma or the other, masterminded and executed
by those who feel they have a score to settle with the dead. They have employed
diverse machinations to frustrate us. The height of the traitorial decadence
is that those who dined with my late boss, those who advised him, those who
drew out his policies have identified themselves with our persecutors. They
have frozen even our personal accounts, closed down our businesses and even
prosecuted his son falsely. They kept him in detention in contravention to the
constitution of Nigeria and tried him for murder but justice did not fail us
when he was discharged and acquitted as it was discovered that the charges
against him lacked merit and were frivolous. Their hate and taste for
wickedness knows no bound and as soon as Mohammed Abacha (my late bossí first
son) was pronounced innocent by the Supreme Court of Nigeria, no sooner had
they brought a suit on financial impropriety bordering on a failed contract
against him. The way we are treated-our properties seized, accounts frozen,
businesses closed and harassment by the police is not news as it is on the
front page of the media. It is our right to survive, survival is every manís

The latest development now is that they have written to various nations and
financial institutions to have our remaining funds seized for which we have
taken the government to court and already won a preliminary objection raised
by the Federal Attorney General on the jurisdiction of the court to hear the
case. We really need money to settle our lawyers, revatilise our businesses,
negotiate with government officials and generally to run ourselves.

Endless as this seems, last year Mohammed was released on unfair conditions:

(1)That he should refund $1.5 billion alleged to have been looted by his
father(my late boss).
(2)Be confined to Kano State and be under strict security surveillance
hence his inability to handle this transaction himself.

The dogged federal government of President Obasanjo was not even ready to
release him but for the intervention of first class monarchs ,state governors
and well meaning Nigerians.
However such only succeeded in giving him a conditional release for which he
cannot travel outside Kano State and also that he should refund $1.5 billion.
All students of good conscience and social justice will agree that this is
oppression and pay-back because my late boss imprisoned President Obasanjo
for a failed coup díetat against our government.
Right to freedom is fundamental and constitutional and cannot be diminished
by mere allegations against oneís boss or father.

For authentication of my claim on Mohammedís relesase and court cases, I make
a point of ready reference to you on the GUARDIAN NEWSPAPER and THIS DAY
NEWSPAPER in Nigeria which are foremost national dailies here and can be
accessed on line. You are compelled to take the stories as they are because
these media are even anti-Abacha as they fought against my boss while he
reigned. I refer you particularly to the Guardian publication of 24 and 26 of
September, 2002. I am even obliged to send you newspaper cut-outs. Their
websites are: www.ngrguardiannews.com and www.thisdayonline.com. For the
latest development on the court case, I refer you to Thisday publication
of 4 February, 2003.


We have decided to take advantage of the various deposits we made in several
security companies across the world, starting with Ghana. We have thirty
million United States Dollars(U.S.$30,000,000.XX) deposited in a security
company in Ghana unknown to anyone. It was moved in the guise of art works
under the diplomatic privilege we had. The money is gratification paid to my
late boss by Julius Berger Plc for awarding them a contract.We really need you
to travel to assist in getting our various monies  We have agreed that for
this you shall be entitled to a percentage share which shall be duly and
generously negotiated between us.

If this is okay by you, reach me for comprehensive discussion as I am the
spokes man for the family,I have the consent of the family to continue
discussion with you. You must keep this very confidential together with my
telephone no. because I am at present assumed to be asylum outside the country
but I am hiding within until we get these monies and conclude the court cases.
I will direct you on how to go about the monies after we have agreed on the
percentage and given you appropriate mandate and authorisation.

I am very sure you would find this relationship very interesting and one not
to be regretted as I will introduce you to our family wealth and circle.
Reach me on m email: alhbagudu@excite.com

A.A. Bagudu (Alhaji)