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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date: Mon, 7 Apr 2003 21:25:01 +0200 (CEST)
From: sandra williams 
To: williams12002ci1@yahoo.fr
Subject: BE BLESS


In brief Introduction , utill we see face to face , I
am MRS SANDRA WILLIAMS, a widow , my husband  was
Comrade George WILLIAMS of the blessd memory who
died on the 25th of feb 2002 in detention in Freetown,
Sierre Leone . Following the collapse of mojor Johnny
Paul Koromah military regime by the combined forces of
the west Africa peace keeping force (ECOMOG) which
reinstalled the civilian elected President Alhaji
Tejan Kabbah.
 The President upon resumption of office , clamed down
on my husband and his colleagues who served under the
military arrangement of major Johnny Paul Koromah and
succeeded in killing some of them including my
husband, may his soul rest in peace   Amen.
When my husband was in detention before his death , He
instructed me to take possession of one large trunk
box which contains the sum of US$8.5 Millions in the
custody of one security company in Abidjan – Côte
d’ivoire. He told me to go to the under ground vault
of our family house in the village, Mande that I will
see the document covering the deposite of the trunk
box that when ever I declare the document to the
security company, they will release the box to me. He
also instructed me to look for a foreign partner who
will help me to invest the funds.
According to him, he said that the security company
where this box where deposited do not know the exact
content of the box for security reasons as it was
declared as family valuables not as money. And he
instructed me, in any case that I should not let the
security company to know the real content of the box.
Immediatly after his death I and my son where able to
move out of the country Sierra-Leone to Abidjan Côte
d’Ivoire through the help of my husband’s family
friend who has a fishing trawler.
Now, I have located the security company here in
Abidjan – Côte d’Ivoire and were confirm really that
he deposited a trunk box in their custody through the
security company Director and their executive

Right now Iam looking for a reliable trust worthy
foreign partner who will be able to help me retrive
the consignment and transfer these funds from here in
Abidjan  Côte d'Ivoire to a safe Bank account overseas
and back it up when the fund enter’s his account abord
and also advice me on a favourable  business
investment opportunities where these funds will  be
effectively invest.

The security company where this box where deposited in
Abidjan do not know the exact content of the box for
security reasons as it was declared as family
valuables not as money .So my dear , I am in
the name of god soliciting for your help in this
matter as this is the only hope of survival for me and
my son since the man of the house is out.

I have negotiated with my son to give you 15% of the
total cash as commision, while you will be gaining 5%
of the monthly profit of the investment. All this are
subject to negotiation upon your acceptance .
Moreover, other very important details shall be made
known to you as soon as I receive your positve
response to this proposal.

Please help me with good spirit in the name of God

Thanking you for anticipated co-operation .

Yours faithfully