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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von    : momo momo 
Datum  : Samstag, 1. September 2001, 15:26
Betreff: private matter

 Dear friend,

I am Mr. Dikis Momeh, a director in universal trust
and security company here in Abidjan Cote d’ivoire, in
shot I am well confident in you trustworthy and of
your capability to do such a transaction for mutual
benefit of both of us, and I am also believing that
you will not expose this information to someone or
betray the trust I am establishing with you.

I have decided to contact you with greatest delight
and personal respect. there was a man Mr Kenneth
Ibrahim from South Africa who deposited with us a
truck box declared as family valuable things, that the
beneficiary will come from your country for the clam,

However, during the last political problem that
occurred in Abidjan Cote d’ivoire in the first week of
January 2001,  surprisingly, the depositor of the box
(Mr Kenneth Ibrahim) sustained a sublet injury and
immediately he was taken to hospital, consequent to
this he call on my telephone number ++  (225)
07-99-12-80, and he told me that I should come to the
hospital immediately before he might die.

Immediately I arrive in the hospital he set me down
and disclosed to me how he got the box and he told me
also that the content was (US-$27,600,000.00) dollars,
that why he deposited it in our security firm and
declared as family valuable things is for the security
of the money.

That he is waiting for the beneficiary to come from
your country to enable them move the money to your
country for them use, meanwhile before he died he
delivered to me all the documents as regards to this
deposit and told me that the beneficiary will come
soonest for the clam.

This morning, I opened the box and observed that it is
(US-$27,600,000.00) Twenty Seven Million Six Hundred
Thousand Dollars, lying dawn in our security room, and
since nobody has come for this money, I decided to use
you as the beneficiary of the money to enable us
transfer the money to your country for our use,
meanwhile I have all the documents as regards to this

So I want you to perform as the beneficiary of this
funds, I will forward you all the required documents
as regards to this transaction to enable us move this
money to your country under one week.

So please call me immediately on this telephone number
++ (225) 07-99-12-80, to enable us carry it out
immediately. Thanks.

Best regard

Mr. Dikis Momeh

A lucky man.