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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date sent:      Thu, 24 Apr 2003 00:16:57 +0100 (BST)
From:           "mary ige" 
To:             maige@uk2.net
Subject:        To whom it may concern


 ATT: To whom it may concern,

I have a business proposal which i know might interest
you. I have in my possesion a large sum of money which
i want to invest in your country.
In introduction, my name is JUSTICE MRS M.A IGE, a
nigerian and the wife of MR BOLA IGE.

My Husband  before his assesination was the chief justice of the federation
what lead to his death is still been traced till date.and the the suspects are
still being investigated ,but before he became the justice minister he has
served as the power and mine minister and On the night of my Husband's was
murdered , he instructed me to move out of the city without delay, with total
sum of $US21Million which contained in sealed trunk box,including quantities
of mecury liquour and some uncut Diamonds. I fled out of our city in the
company of my entire family through costal river and arrived in ibecue, where
i deposited the box in a security company as containing family treasure
forsafe keeping.I have interest in your country and would want to go into
partnership venture with your company. I am asking for your assistance to
help us move out the money and secure it for onward investment and to
make residence arrangement for us. I have the consent of my family and we have
agreed to give you 20% the total amount, including 20% share from the profits
which the money will generate in future from investment. The existence of this
fortune which i have revealed to you is authentic and confidential and there
is no risk involved in the cause of retreiving it back from Security Company.
It has been transfered and it is currently in the custody of their feduciary
Agent in Spain.
however, i decided to travel over to Madrid Spain under a Refugee Status in
search of a good friend of my Husband who leaves in the city, i have arrived
here only to witness that the man has relocated to somewhere else. It is for
this reason that i am contacting you so you should please not feel
embarrased receiving this mail from me.

I am in Spain with my children's and may leave back to ibecue should i not hear
from you, in order to facilitate another arrangement, but for now you should
kindly reach me through email, to enable me give you further details and also
to fax you all relevant documents covering the deposit of the trunk box. My
Husband muderers are still in detention and they will finally face public
execution, hence we have considered it very unsafe to remain in Africa as we
may be the Gangstars next target. Accept my sincere regards while hoping to
hear from you.

God Bless.Best Regards,