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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 19:12:04
From: "Comfort Sombongo" 
Subject: Investment Pact


With a humbled heart I commit myself this day to write and ask for your
benevolence and kind consideration of my plight for assistance. I am making
this contact on behalf of my family not minding
the consequences but hoping that you would understand our predicament and
come to our aid and assist us. I would also kindly apologize for any
inconvenience or embarrassment this might
cause your person, as we neither know each other personally nor have had
any previous contact or correspondence.

I am Mrs. Comfort Sombongo, wife of deceased Colonel Bernard Sombongo, who
was Deputy Director of Finance and Budgetary Control of the National Union
for the Total Independence of
Angola (UNITA) rebel faction of Angola. He was execution by the orders of
Dr. Jonas Savimbi on the 13th of April 2000 after an attempted defection
from the UNITA movement. He was assistant
to General Daniel Fuma both of whose activities centered mainly around the
diamonds flown to Europe, through her connection in the London's De Beers
Central Selling Organisation (CSO) to
dealers contracted to UNITA. The revenue from these trades was basically
used for the funding of UNITA's activities.

Considering the ongoing intensified civil war between UNITA and the
government in Angola, my children and I had to relocate to a nearby town in
Namibia in May of 2001 after my days of
mourning were over through the assistance of some UN Officials where I am
currently. From amongst my late husband's confidential documents as I went
through them in August this year, I
discovered a Certificate of Deposit with some other documents to the
effect of a set of two boxes formally lodged with a Security Firm in Accra
Ghana. A personally handwritten memo by my
husband addressed to me indicated that he had ordered the Security Firm to
have the boxes moved over to their Agent in a European country in February
2000 with order to have them released
only upon presentation of relevant documents.

As indicated in the memo, there is a total of US$27,500,000.00 (Twenty
Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars only) as the real content of
the boxes, which was done so as to
disguise the real content thereof for security reasons.

With due respect, I seek your kind assistance in the collection of the
boxes containing U.S. $27.5 million from the Security Company's Agent in
Europe. You will be entitled to a 20% percentage of
the total sum as both compensation and also to cover any miscellaneous
expenses incurred by you in the course of this transaction and the remaining
therefore to be personally managed by you
on my behalf. It is my sincere conviction that you will handle this
transaction with absolute confidentiality, maturity and utmost sense of purpose.

I am therefore soliciting your assistance in terms of logistics and
materials to collect the consignment from the Security Firm's Agent in Europe as
the consignment have incurred a substantial
amount of demurrage. All documents concerning the consignment are intact
with me. Upon an approval response from you to assist me in this endeavor,
as a fund manager for this fund, the
evacuation process would immediately commence as all machinery are in
place for a smooth transaction.

If you are capable and ready in collecting and investing this fund on my
behalf, please contact me immediately through my alternative email address
at sombco@excite.com for immediate action.

Thanks for your anticipated understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,