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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001 13:18:08 +0100 (BST)
From: watae wereh 
Subject: LINDA


Dear Sir,
I have an investment proposal that I think might be of
interest to you.
I got your details from the International Economic and
Trade Agency in Kinshasha

Congo, while searching for an honest and God-fearing
person that will assist me carry out investment proposals
left by my late husband.
By introduction, I am Mrs. Watae-Lina Kabila, the second
wife of late President Laurent Desire Kabila, the erstwhile
President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. My husband
was shot dead in the Presidential palace in Kinshasha
by his body-guard while attending a meeting of his Council
of Ministers.
He was assassinated on the 16th of January 2001, after restoring
peace and civil rule to Democratic Republic of Congo that was
fragmented by many years of misrule by the Late Dictator
Mobutu Sese Seko.
Even though you may not be familiar with the history of our
country, I thought it might be wise to intimate you with some
aspects of our recent history so you can understand the
background to the proposal I have to make.
During the disturbances that led to my husbandís death and before
he finally died in Zimbabwe, he disclosed to me that he left a
deposit of a substantial amount of money in a safe deposit
company in Abidjan Ė Cote díIvoire as security for my children
in case of any eventuality.
The amount involved is $28,000,000.00 with 200 Kilos of Alluvia
Gold Dust and some expensive art works. The deposit certificate
has my name as the next of kin with express instructions
that I was to withdraw the boxes upon presentation of
the Original Certificate that I now have in my possession.
I have since called the security company to confirm
the Deposit and establish ownership as the next of kin.

1.Firstly to assist me to export this money to any stable country
abroad in line with my late husbandís wish.
2. To assist me invest the money in profitable ventures in your
country or any other suitable country where you have good connections.
3. To help me re-locate my children to the suggested country so they
can continue their education.
4. To manage the money in a profitable manner.
For your role and assistance in the detailed manner I am prepared to
offer you twenty percent of the total amount subject to negotiations.

Please call me through the telephone number below so we can talk
things over. I am trusting that you will treat as highly
confidential to protect myself and my kids.

Sincere regards,
Mrs. watae-Lina Kabila