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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Reply-To: peterobasarogbe@netscape.net
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 21:22:07 -0700
Subject: confidential  &urgent  message

Fax  234-9-2727004
Email peterobasarogbe@netscape.net
Dear Sir,

I greet you with the name of almighty God whom i serve.
It is withheart of hopes that i am contacting you for an urgent assistance.
Actually  I would have contacted you via surface mail but for the urgency
and the confidentiality i decided to reach you by email.

Firstly,I wish you could keep this piece of information Confidential.
Iam Dr.PETER OBASAROGBE.I am a former Manager finace and accounts of AFRICAN
PETROLEUM PLC,(AP).I was dismissed from service recently when the present
government decided to sale it's major controlling  share to a private hand
which is part of their privatization program.Immediatelya panel of
investigation  to assertain the finaancial up to date of ofthe company was
constituted led by Rtd Justice Edet Nkop.It is  regreting to tell you that
the panel indicted me to have misappropriated overThirty Million Pound
Sterling.Which have been made public by the  panel.

At this juncture, i was adviced to move a sum of Tweenty four point eight
million Dollars ($24.8m)i deposited with an affiliate bank to Merril Lych
Bank London to a trusted foriegn friend for safe keeping pending the decision
of th government on the panel's report.And as it stands now,i cannot make
any transaction with somebody that has age contact with me,for the surveillance
is spreading wider.I am now soliciting for your help in recieving into your
custody this sum of $24.8m.Which will gaurrantte the future of i and my family.

I have made every arrangement with the bank concerning a smooth transfer of
this fund $24.8m to you as soon as you respond to this  (SOS)call. Iam looking
forward to meet you as soon as this fund comes into your custody.

May the goodness of the Lord be with you

Yours Faithfully,