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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von:      tkabiru1@o2.pl
Datum:    Sat, 26 Apr 2003 01:05:32 +0100
An:       tkabiru1@o2.pl
Betreff:  Urgent Assistance From Iraq

Dear Sir/Madam

First let me use this medium to introduce myself , I
am Tunde Kabiru from KONO district north of Baghdad IRAQ from the

MY late father Alhaji TUNDE MARGAI before his death he hold a very
sensitive position in government in IRAQ ,My father has a bullet shot by the
the American soldiers on his way to KUWAIT THE
NEGHBOURING COUNTRY OF IRAQ,He was later conveyed to a government hospital
in KUWAIT for a medical treatmet wherein he later died, in the hospital bed
my father reveal and confide in me about one metallic box
(consignment)deposit that he made with a trust and finance house in Europe.
containing($30,000,000.00) THIRTY MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

Nobody in the trust and finance house knows the real content of the metal
box because my father wisely declared them as art work
and family treasures from the national museum of monument. since
the death of my father the rebel has held us hostage until yesterday,I am
presently in the refugee camp now seeking for
your help and assistance for you to come to my aid I proposed that
you stand as my proxy person that is my late fathers foreign partner,so as
to get the metal box out of the trust and finance house, transfer it to your
country where we can make use of it in a lucrative business investment in
your country.

This transaction is now only known by you, myself and
my old sick mother whom is now in with me in the camp waiting for the time I
get this fund out of the trust house, the secrecy and
Confidentiality should be maintained for the successful transfer of this
fund. I will be handing over to you the original certificate of deposit
which the finance house gave to my father, these fund was deposited with a
secrete code that means it will be more easy for you to retrieve the fund
and I withhold the secrete code for security reasons as you show interest
the secrete code and the certificates of deposit will be given to you after
arrangement with both of us then you can now proceed
to the finance house in Europe to retrieve the consignment for
investment in your country

please send me your private telephone and fax number for more
confidential discussions.

Best Regards

Tund Kabiru