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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Von: louis ada [mailto:adalouis3@onebox.com]
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 30. August 2001 17:36
Betreff: reply urgently

My name is Ada Louis. I am 19 years old. The daughter of Mr. kalman Louis.
I got your address from the Internet. I am in search for an honest person
who will assist me implement the investment instruction as left for me
by My late father, Mr. Kalman Louis of blessed memory.

I am the only child of my late father, who was assassinated by rebel
Soldiers during the last political crisis in my country Sierra-Leone.
My late Fatherís legal adviser presented to me a will and some
other documents. He gave to him before his death.

The document shows that my father deposited the sum of US$18,700 million
on trust at a security company in Budapest Hungary for me.  My fatherís
legal adviser was able to move some others and myself out of the country
through North Africa. Right now, I am in Hungary.

It is a waste of time for me to stay here because in accordance with
my father's wish I need to invest this money in your country and relocate
there. What I am requesting from you is to come and assist me claim the
money from the Security Company and bank it in your name and hold it
on trust for me for the urgent investment.

The clause of agreement between my father and the Security Company is
that I am free to nominate a person of my choice to hold and help invest
the money on trust for me until I am of age to handle the
investment. This will be on legal Agreement and top secret your percentage
will be negotiated.

However the agreement also showed that my father paid a certain amount
of money to maintain the safe deposit box. I have since visited the Security
Company and they have told me that since my fatherís death the fees have
accumulated to US$85,500. I do not want this money to continue accumulating
else I lose much money.

Hence I need a serious person for assistance. Visit me in Budapest, Hungary
to go with you to the Security Company as the beneficiary to transfer
the money to your account with a promise to arrange for me to join later
Please, This information should be a top secret not to be revealed
to any person especially African for my security purpose.

Please reply me through this:
E-mail address adalouis@onebox.com

Or contact my fatherís legal adviser through the following
e-mail address choboandpartner@yahoo.com.

Fax:( +36) 309233169

I await your urgent reply. While pleading for your good response.


Ada Louis
adalouis@onebox.com - email
(562) 308-1316 x8427 - voicemail/fax