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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

From: frank peters 
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 3:15 PM
Subject: business

E-mail address: drfrankpeters@yahoo.com
Fax: 234-1-7595331


ATTENTION: President / Chief Executive Officer

I am Dr. Frank Peters, the Financial Controller in the
Office of the Accountant General of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.

I got your esteemed particulars through a foreign
trade office in New York city, USA several months ago.
 I led a team of Accountants from Nigeria to New York
in the United States of America on the authority of
the last Military Government, to audit our foreign
reserve account before handing over to the present
civilian Government of President Chief Olusegun

During update reconciliation account, it was
established that we have excess of US$25.5 Million
(twenty-five Million, three hundred thousand United
States Dollars) in a reserve account.  Since the money
does not belong to any contractor, it was also
established to be an accumulation of over invoicing of
contract payments for the past two years and from
excesses of funds accruing from sale of crude oil.  At
this point, I and my other colleagues took a quick
decision to divert the fund to our own advantage.

The three of us decided that we will enter into an
agreement with a reliable and willing foreigner or
company who can provide us with a Bank account where
the fund can be transferred into, on the ground that
the person's company is the beneficiary to the fund as
a contractor.

Note that every fund that is to be transferred to a
foreign contractor has a secret number "Control
Number".  Once a contractor / beneficiary knows the
control number of his fund, he can reach the Central
Bank of Nigeria representative in USA or any other
Country on telephone or fax, and demand for the
immediate remittance of this fund into his account.
Immediately the demand will be honored provided two
approvals from the Central Bank of Nigeria are faxed
together with the "Control Number" and we know how to
secure the approvals.

It may interest you to know that two Years ago, a
similar transaction was carried out with one Mr.
Patrice Miller the president of Craine International
Corporation at Address number 135 East 57th street,
28th Floor, New York 10022 with Telephone number:
(212) 3087788 and Telex number: 6731689.  After the
agreement between the both partners in which he was to
take 20% of the Money, after the fund was duly
transferred into his account we were disappointed on
our arrival in New York and we were reliably informed
that Mr. Patrice was no longer on that Address while
his Telephone and Telex numbers have been reallocated
to somebody else.  That is how we lost US$23 Million
Dollars to Mr. Patrice Miller.

This time around, what we need from you is your bank
account numbers, the address of the bank, telephone
and fax number and telex number, name of beneficiary
and your private telephone and fax number, your
company's name and address, hence this letter to you.
So, if you can prove yourself to be trusted and
interested in this deal then we are prepared to do
this business with you.  What we want from you is the
assurance that you will let us have our share if the
present amount of US$25.5Million is transferred into
your account.  Our agreement is to give you or your
company only 30% of the total sum for the assistance
given to us, while 60% will be for my colleagues and
my self and 10% will be for expenses that may be
incurred during the course of the transaction.

Please be informed that the personalities involved in
this transaction are top influential government
functionaries who would not like any form of exposure
and as such would want you to keep this business a top
secret and confidential.

You should be rest assured that this transaction is
100% risk free. There is no risk involved on both
sides.  If this proposal satisfies you, then contact
me immediately by indicating your interest through my
private direct fax number: 234-1-7595331 for prompt
response phone: 234-1-4717663.  Please contact me
directly by dialing your international access code, do
not go through the international operator for security

Please your prompt response will be highly appreciated
through my fax or E-mail address:


Best regards,