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Nigeria Connection

Original E-Mails

Date:      Tue, 25 Mar 2003 17:52:33 +0100
Subject:   TRUST
From:      "chika2" 
To:        "chika2" 


DEAR sir

I am DR CHIKA CHUMA , Deputy secretary to theNigerian Football Association,
parent body of the World Youths Championship, Nigeria 99'Local Organizing
Committee, an affiliate of Federation of International Football Association

In the course of our preparation to host the World Youth Soccer Championship
Tagged (Nig¡¦99) early last two years, huge sum of money running into
millions of United States Dollars was budgeted by the then Military Government
for the successful organization of this competition. In the same vein, FIFA
via its President, Mr. Joseph (SEPP) Blatter, made millions of dollars
available for the same project, not to talk of Corporate Organizations and
Football loving individuals who made huge donations.

However, in my capacity as the deputy secretary, toboth the Local Organizing
Committee (LOC), and the Nigerian Football Association(NFA), I,along with two
of my colleagues in sensitive positions were able to over-invoice most
contracts, which were awarded for the construction and the refurbishing of
the 8 stadia used for the competition. The contractors who handled these
projects have been paid-off.

It is pertinent to note that a total sum of thirty-twomillion United States
Dollars(US$32,000,000.00) was realized as over-invoice after the successful
completion of the project.
This over-invoiced sum is lying in my organization's(NFA) suspense account
with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), ready for transfer into the
beneficiarys account oversea, waiting for the appropriate opportunity to do so.

In this years (2003) budget speech, the new Civilian President has ordered
that all foreign contractors debts should be paid in order to boost more
Foreign investors into Nigeria.

On this note, I have been unanimously mandated by my two colleagues to seek
an honest and trustworthy Foreigner who will assist in ensuring the successful
transfer of the above sum into a personal/company account since the Nigerian
code of conduct does not allow us (Civil servants) to operate foreign accounts.

It is pertinent also to let you know that 30% of the total fund will be for
you, while 10% will be used to settle any expenses that might be incurred by
both parties and the remaining 60% will be for us (my colleagues and I) to be
invested in your country.

We have chosen you /your company to benefit with us in this transaction
due to the respect your country commands here.
You might be surprised and curious of an offer like this, be rest assured
that the modalities andlogistics towards the successful transfer of this
fund has been worked out. All we require from you is your co-operation.
This transaction is risk free.

We kindly request that you accord it the highest level of secrecy it
deserves. : Email : chikachuma002@africamail.com Your swift response will be
highly appreciated.

Best regards,